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  • Sunday 25th February, 2024

    Sunday 25th February, 2024

    Main news today – Paradise Palms remains shut for now, so there are only three quizzes on today. Sorry to anyone who made the journey […]

  • Sunday 18th February, 2024

    Sunday 18th February, 2024

    Whopper at the Toddy. Two hundred pounds at one o clock. Has anyone been watching Gladiators? See on “The Edge”, when a Gladiator falls off, […]

  • Sunday 11th February, 2024

    Sunday 11th February, 2024

    Sunday is now a big quiz day with Porty Vault and Paradise Palms being added tp our roster for the holiest day of the week. […]

  • Sunday 4th February, 2024

    Sunday 4th February, 2024

    Sundays are FOUR QUIZ territory now. Big news. Paradise Palms started last week with a good turnout. Quite hip that place. Good job Bonni and […]

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    Sunday 28th January 2024

    For the second Sunday in a row, I can announce a new regular quiz. Paradise Palms starts tonight at 8pm and Bonni will be hosting […]

  • Sunday 21st January 2024

    Sunday 21st January 2024

    Sunday’s turning into a bigger quiz day. We have a quiz starting tonight and one starting next week. Both quizzes have their hosting duties shared […]

  • Sunday 14th January 2024

    Sunday 14th January 2024

    Biggest jackpot today is at the Hot Toddy at 1pm, our afternoon quiz experience. Worth noting: Mark (who is the trivia mainstay of top team […]

  • Sunday 7th January 2024

    Sunday 7th January 2024

    So, after last week’s £250 banger jackpot at the Hot Toddy and the quiz being off at the Percy for festive reasons, we can all […]

  • Sunday 31st December 2023

    Sunday 31st December 2023

    It’s a simple email today. FIRST: There is a £250 jackpot today at Hot Toddy 1pm. SECOND: No Persevere tonight cos of Hogmanay – quiz […]

  • Sunday 17th December 2023

    Sunday 17th December 2023

    TWO HUNDRED pounds at Hot Toddy 1pm. That’s what you really need to know. Also, cos it’s the afternoon there should be zero drunken Christmas […]