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  • Wednesday 28th February, 2024

    Wednesday 28th February, 2024

    It’s the end of Feb – but not quite. Tomorrow is the 29th and every four years it’s the exact same, fending off marriage proposals […]

  • Wednesday 21st February, 2024
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    Wednesday 21st February, 2024

    Things I’ve already learned at the quiz this week. Prison Break Prison escapes happen fairly regularly. Our prison officer insider told me the other the […]

  • Wednesday 14th February, 2024

    Wednesday 14th February, 2024

    I somewhat identify with Steve Wright. A long career in entertainment. Thinks he’s funny. Some people liked him. Loads of people thought he was an […]

  • Wednesday 7th February 2024

    Wednesday 7th February 2024

    It’s Big Wednesday. And I’m not talking surf. The big news today is that there is a NEW WEEKLY QUIZ starting tonight at Oz Bar […]

  • Wednesday 31st January 2024

    Wednesday 31st January 2024

    THE TIME HAS COME… Zero mucking about today. I have to get this tax return finished TODAY So let’s cut straight to the info: The […]

  • Wednesday 17th January 2024

    IMAGINE… Imagine the uproar if it turned out Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was not actually dead and chose tonight to reveal himself… by […]

  • Wednesday 10th January 2024

    Wednesday 10th January 2024

    FINAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE Last week the normals went back to work. This week the kids went back to school. Today, we are rejoined […]

  • Wednesday, 3rd January 2024

    Wednesday, 3rd January 2024

    Festive disruption is ALMOST over. There is no quiz tonight at the Joker (which is always closed for the first few days of the year) […]

  • Wednesday 27th December 2023

    Wednesday 27th December 2023

    BEST DAY OF THE YEAR? Simon from round the corner told me yesterday that he’d heard a theory that December 27th is the best day […]

  • Wednesday 20th December 2023

    Wednesday 20th December 2023

    Christmas is now coming down the tracks like an unstoppable express locomotive of commerce, hauling wagons full of sentimentality and loathing. The speed makes it […]