Last Quizzes of 2017 Are Tonight


7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £210. Cheat answer: Lisbon (pic round – see below)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £100. Cheat answer: House of Pain (music round – see vid)

So here it is Merry Christmas. My voice survived two quizzes last night so I expect further health imp[rovements throughout the day and more success tonight in terms of getting through the quiz without croaking.

I don’t mean dying. I expect that too.

I mean, like a frog.

Anyway, tonight’s music round at the Newsy contains a clip which falls into the classic quiz category of “deffo know the tune – don’t really know who did it”. It’s House of Pain. Now you know. Listen to the tune of the video if you want to be fully armed for tonight’s quiz.

Speaking of which, there’s a small chance that the Newsroom will be full of Christmas wallopers tonight but to be fair, it kind of was last week and it wasn’t too bad. No one was sick on the floor. The really really really drunk women who had been out since five o clock were (relatively) demure. They did the quiz. It was cool.

Not like the table full of wanks at the Monkey last night who just sat there being too-important-to-take-part through the whole thing and making loads of noise.

I seriously wish death upon those sorts of people.

Anyway, aren’t I full of Christmas cheer?

Maybe I will be full of it next year, if Christmas stops being about the exploitation of the peoples’ debt for corporate profit.

Maybe I will be bring the cheer next year when Christmas stops being about the continuation of an unsustainable regime of plastic production disguised as some kind of spiritual landmark.

Maybe I’ll celebrate in carols next year when the emphasis on spending is finally jettisoned by a sickened nation and we genuinely join together to solve poverty.

Only Joking. Happy Christmas.

Happy Falkirk Christmas
Happy Falkirk Christmas



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