Cellar Monkey (Argyle Bar) – Thursday 7pm

The Argyle Bar and Cellar Monkey
The Argyle Bar and Cellar Monkey

The Cellar Monkey is in Marchmont where posh students live next door to boozy locals. Nice mix.

You can find the Cellar Monkey it underneath the Argyle Bar (it’s the same business but the basement just has a different name, that’s all.

Pub Quiz Time & Day

Thursday, 7 pm


Cash and Booze! Booze voucher plus £50 cash rollover per week. It’s been over a two hundred pounds before. It can go big.


The Argyle/Cellar Monkey will do you food, at some of the best prices you can find. Nachos, Burgers and all that kind of good stuff. Munch and quiz at the same time.




Phone the Cellar Monkey: 0131 221 9759

Facebook Page: The Cellar Monkey