Tuesday 5th September 2023

I’m back at the Safari tonight after Stewart has been in charge for nine months.

Basically what’s happened is that Stewart has a new gig starting in Portobello (news to follow) and didn’t want to do three a week and meanwhile, I need the money. So I’m back in the game on Tuesday nights. Stewart is waiting for the other new place to get a sound system in place and can still be found doing Amber Rose on Monday nights.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having my Tuesday nights off, but Safari is one of the best sets of vagabonds, lunatics and persons –  so I look forward to seeing you all tonight and from here on. Hail Safari.

Speaking of nice people, it was a great experience standing in for Isla at Porty Tap last week and thanks to everyone for treating me nice. Great boozer. If you’re not a regular but you’re ever in Porty – check it out!

****NEWS****New quiz starting this Sunday at Hot Toddy. More info later but it’s an unusual one – 1pm in the afternoon!

Come on Tuesday!


Portobello Tap 6.30 pm (with Isla)

Tonight’s jackpot: £30
Free answer: One of the MUSIC ROUND answers is “ERASURE” (See video below)

Safari Lounge 9pm (with me)

Tonight’s jackpot: £90
Free answer: One of the PICTURE ROUND answers is  “BOJACK HORSEMAN” 

We’ll see you later. 


Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Porty Tap:

Yeah. This is ERASURE and their song Always which is in the music round at the Porty Tap tonight. Always liked Erasure. Good tunes. Cool performances. Proper pop.


Popmaster in the Old Days on Radio 2



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