Thursday 21st September 2023

Last night at Joker we were talking about a one-off celebration quiz which is going to happen at The Joker on the first Wednesday in December. (To celebrate the epic occasion of the Joker’s NINTH birthday.

I think the idea we’ve settled on is that Roddy will play against You for the jackpot. You know how he loves a rollover and there are hardly ever rollovers at the Joker (cos everyone’s really clever)? 

Well – I’ll give him a chance to force the rollover by himself. We’ll pull an entry out of the hat. If Roddy beats that entry, then it’s a rollover. If the entry beats Roddy, then it’s a jackpot.

Something like that anyway. Will need to iron out the details.

If you can think of better formats than the ones I use, be sure to let me know. Always open to ideas for improvement.

Note – “open to ideas” doesn’t mean anything will change. I have red lines.

Anyway – here are the quizzes and answers for tonight:           

Brass Monkey Grange 7pm (with me)

Free answer: One of the answers tonight in the PICTURE round at the Brass Monkey Grange is “LEFFE” 
Jackpot: £50
Book: Phone 0131 667 2335

The Strathie 7pm (with Mr. E)Free answer: One of the answers tonight in the MUSIC round at the Strathie is “STEALER’S WHEEL”  (see video below)
Jackpot: £30
Book: Call Strathie on 0131 554 8717 or send them a message on their Facebook.

Newsroom 9pm (with me) 

Free answer: One of the answers tonight in the PICTURE round at the Newsroom is “EDGAR ALLAN POE” 
Jackpot: £50
Book: Call Newsroom on 0131 557 5830 or use their online booking

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Strathie Tonight:

This is in the music round at the STRATHIE tonight: It’s STEALER’S WHEEL and the video is a bit weird.





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