Thursday 6th June 2019

Quizzes Tonight in the great villages of Edinburgh and Musselburgh:

7pm – Argyle Bar (Cellar). Jackpot £90. Cheat answer: Divine (music round)

7.30pm – Ship Inn, Musselburgh. Jackpot £90. Cheat answer: Juggernaut (pic round)

9pm – The Newsroom. Jackpot £50. Cheat answer: Pointing Trowel (pic round).

Donald Trump has invaded France. You could invade France too if you won the money at just two quizzes tonight. Skyscanner says you can get to France tomorrow for £125.

Just a thought.

Anyway: here’s the music round cheat answer for tonight’s quiz at the Argyle which is the greatest singer of all time: Divine…

Effectively the best singer of all time.

I remember being young enough to be totally bewildered by what on earth Divine was or was supposed to be when s/he hit the charts in the 80s.

I get it now, but back then it took a wee while to understand what was going on. Ah. Youth.

Just a note: Musselburgh has cheaper housing and presumably cheaper booze than Edinburgh so if you’re working on a strictly cost-to-winnings ratio, The Ship Inn might be the choice tonight. Kerry’s running the show there and doing a great job. Go and see!

Ship Champs


Dr Paul

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Newsroom cash winners
Newsroom cash winners

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