Thursday Night Quizzes And The Viability of The Jokes Round

We’ve had a run of jackpots on Thursday nights recently so I might be inclined to make the jackpot bastard-difficult tonight. We’ll see what happens, see what comes out of my randomiser…

The other thing, should we bring back the jokes round or is it always doomed to be shite?

vegetarian funeral joke

Meanwhile, here’s the shoop for tonight’s quizzes:

Argyle Bar (Cellar), 7pm

Jackpot: A scintillating, titillating £30. Hey.

Cheat: The quiz includes Man 2 Man & Man Parrish in the music round (see vid below), a massive 80s banger of Jurassic proportions.

Newsroom, 9pm

After the relative intellectual fervour of the Argyle, a fast cab whisks me off to the Newsroom where the transient and the drunk dominate the scene. As I’ve said before, if you ever want to actually win a quiz, just come to the Newsroom.

Jackpot: A quasi-terrific £50

Cheat: The quiz includes the answer Argentina, as part of the picture round.

Quiz winner
loads of money!

Here’s the video:

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