Square Go: Thursday 14th April

It’s a good old-fashioned square-meal plain-deal cop-a-feel tonight. Yep: darn straight there’s a whole ONE HUNNER of your old POUNDS on the jackpot at each Thursday night quiz.

Come along and play with us.

Argyle Bar (Cellar Monkey), 7pm

Jackpot: £100

Cheat: one of the music round hits is by The Shamen. It was massive back in the day. See video below. Sad note: the video was filmed in Tenerife and straight after filming was finished, Will SInnot (the long-haired Shamen member) died when he accidentally drowned while going for a swim.

Newsroom, 9pm

Jackpot: £100

Cheat: one of the picture round answers is Vauxhall Cavalier. Can it get any more vanilla?

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