2 thoughts on “Fashion Advice Contained In Foreigners’ Joke

  1. This is the “game” or ebook collection for the nientndo DS. It comes with 100 books (read classics). The Nintendo DS makes an ok ebook reader (better if you have the XL DS). The choose of ambient music is really peculiar and interesting (maybe not to everyones taste ) I can see the benefits of having two screens to read an ebook (feels a little more natural). So microsoft get off your lazy ass an build the “Microsoft Courier” yes I know they killed the tablet for now Hello:) This video is about what I am thinking about the new “game” for Nintendo DS. The name of th creen=”true”>

  2. Amend#1 – Still MISSING the point that health care services is NOT INSURANCE. Yes, our government might want to be in the arena of health care SERVICE because “pursuit of happiness” is in our US Constitution & we do need a certain amount of health for all of our people. If Canada can do it, we sure as heck should be able to figure out how to cover ALL our citizens with basic health care SERVICES. When the person’s health goes beyond that, that is when PRIVATE (business & groups) INSURANCE raises its money-head.

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