Wednesday 27th March, 2024

I’ll write quiz questions to satisfy your request.

Recently I’ve been asked for more Taylor Swift questions, more computer programming questions and more baseball and tennis questions.

I think I’m already fairly well covered for the sports stuff but after I’ve done this email I’m going to write ten Taylor Swift questions and stick ‘em in the database. She’s a big star. There’s a lot of information about her and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find ten interesting things to ask about her life, work and impact.

Computer programming? That might be a little more challenging, but I’ll do it.

If there’s something you’d love to be asked about in the quiz but it never comes up, just ask. Tell me at the quiz or send me an email. You can hit reply to this or post on the Facebook group

When I add questions to the database they stay there and can come up at any time. I have a system that randomises a selection of questions for the Double-or-Bust round and the jackpot round.

For each quiz, myself or whoever is hosting has fifteen questions to choose from for the double-or-bust round and fifteen more jackpot questions to choose the eight questions from.

This means that some questions will crop up on more than one occasion but the game at my end is to keep adding new material to make duplicate occurrences less frequent

The same sort of thing applies to anagrams and tiebreakers, I’m always adding new anagrams and new tiebreakers (and trying to keep tiebreakers up to date).

Sometimes people ask me if I also have “a real job”. Nope. This is it. It’s what I do and it’s full time. I kinda love it.

Anyway, here’s the line up for our big Wednesday – five quizzes:

Oz Bar – 6 pm (with Stuart F)

Jackpot – £30
Free answer: PICTURE round: “NIGERIA
Book at Oz Bar by sending them a message on FB.

The Joker & The Thief – 6 pm (with me)

Jackpot – £60
Free answer: PICTURE round: “NICKI MINAJ
Book at Joker by sending them a message on FB.

Ship Inn – 7 pm (with Mister E)

Jackpot – £30
Free answer: MUSIC round: “THE NEW RADICALS
Book at the Ship by sending them a message on FB/Messenger or calling 0131 665 2642

West Port Oracle – 8 pm (with Stuart F)

Jackpot – £60
Free answer: PICTURE round: “THE TICK

Book on FB.or 0131 283 1960

Brass Monkey Shore  – 8.30pm (with me)

Jackpot – £50
Free answer: PICTURE round: “MISTER MESSY
Book: Phone 0131 555 7306 or Facebook/Messenger or online booking system:

So we’ll see you tonight.,

Dr Paul
Your Quizmaster

Music Round Clue for Ship Inn tonight:

This is THE NEW RADICALS which is in the music round tonight at the Ship Inn. God I hate this song. It used to get played so much on the radio and I could never understand why. What sort of person would actually choose something this bland as a song they actively wanted to hear at any point? There is nothing in the music, lyrics or visuals that resembles an idea.
It is the sonic embodiment of conservatism. It reinforces convention to such an extent that they made the video in a shopping centre.
By the time the three and a half minutes of the song have passed, nothing has happened. I’ve just discovered it was number one in New Zealand. This makes sense.

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