Wednesday 7th February 2024

It’s Big Wednesday. And I’m not talking surf.

The big news today is that there is a NEW WEEKLY QUIZ starting tonight at Oz Bar on Candlemaker Row. This means there are now five quizzes on Wednesday, making it our biggest night of the week.

Quiz starts at 6pm and is hosted by Stuart F who currently does the West Port Oracle (also tonight).

Now, as you may have guessed from the name, Bar Oz is Australian.

Is it run by actual Aussies? I’m not sure but I’ve a feeling it might be. I vaguely remember going in there to try and sell a quiz years ago, when I was first back in Edinburgh, and I seem to remember the place being staffed by Aussies.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that when I popped in on that quiet weekday afternoon in 2010, they were grilling kangaroo meat on what can only be described as a “barbecue”. And the manager was fighting a shark.

At the time they said no to a quiz because they were too busy fisting balls at each other and listening to oafish, middle-of-the-road rock music.

They’re a funny bunch, the Aussies. Never entirely stupid. Never fully clever. Extremely likeable AND extremely unlikeable at the same time. Odd.

Anyway – give it a shot and let m know what you think.

Here’s all the info for tonight:

Oz Bar – 6 pm (with Stuart F)

Jackpot – £30
Free answer: PICTURE round: “MALAYSIA
Book at Oz Bar by sending them a message on FB.

The Joker & The Thief – 6 pm (with me)

Jackpot – £30
Free answer: PICTURE round: “SWIMMING
Book at Joker by sending them a message on FB.

Ship Inn – 7 pm (with Mister E)

Jackpot – £60
Free answer: PICTURE round: “MICHELIN
Book at the Ship by sending them a message on FB/Messenger or calling 0131 665 2642

West Port Oracle – 8 pm (with Stuart F)

Jackpot – £60
Free answer: PICTURE round: “GREEN DAY

Book sending them a message on FB.

Brass Monkey Shore  – 8.30pm (with me)

Jackpot – £50
Free answer: MUSIC round: “BILLY OCEAN
Book: Phone 0131 0131 555 7306 or Facebook/Messenger or online booking system:

So we’ll see you tonight.,

Dr Paul
Your Quizmaster

Music Round Clue for Brass Monkey Shore Tonight:

This is BILLY OCEAN and his song which appears in the music round tonight at Brass Monkey Shore. It’s smoother than patent leather and groovier than the Grand Canyon.

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