Sunday 31st December 2023

It’s a simple email today.

FIRST: There is a £250 jackpot today at Hot Toddy 1pm.

SECOND: No Persevere tonight cos of Hogmanay – quiz resumes next Sunday

THIRD: There ARE quizzes tomorrow, New Year’s Day 2024 – with both Brass Monkey Leith and Brass Monkey Drummond Street ready for action.

Whatever you’re up to tonight – have a good one. See you on the other side…

1pm – Hot Toddy (with me)

Jackpot – £200

Free answer – MUSIC round: “THE CURE

Book: Just turn up or Phone the Hot Toddy on  07585 897 685  or get in touch with them on Facebook

6pm – Persevere (with me)(BACK NEXT WEEK)

Jackpot – £30

Free answer – PICTURE round: “BLIND SNAKE”  

Book: Phone the Percy on 0131 554 0271 or get in touch with them on Facebook

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

This is in the music round at the Hot Toddy today and it’s The Cure. Pure 80s pop. Nice work.




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