Sunday 12th November 2023

Ooh it takes every kind of people.

People I’ve talked to in the last week include someone who works for the Red Cross, a French woman who works as a teacher, a guy whose dad designs fire-prevention systems for warehouses and a bloke who used to work with The Muppets.

There are computer people, sales people and hospitality people. Health people and people who have caught a break and don’t have to work at all.

There are all sorts of people out there and it’s a gift to me to meet so many of them.

I wish I had more time to chat.

But there are cables to plug in, questions to ask and answers to mark. There are jackpots to dish out and occasional last-minute checks when I think a question might be dodgy.

It’s a grand old life.

Come to my Sunday quizzes:

1pm – Hot Toddy (with me)

Jackpot – £50

Free answer – MUSIC round: “DERMOT KENNEDY

Book: Just turn up or Phone the Hot Toddy on  07585 897 685  or get in touch with them on Facebook

6pm – Persevere (with me)

Jackpot – £60

Free answer – PICTURE round: “THE GREATEST SHOWMAN”  

Book: Phone the Percy on 0131 554 0271 or get in touch with them on Facebook

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Hot Toddy:

This is DERMOT KENNEDY and it’s in the music round at the hot Toddy today. Who’s Dermot Kennedy? Well, he’s an Irish feller (you can tell from the name) and I’d never heard of him until I made this music round but he is enormously successful and popular. I find that a lot these days.





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