Wednesday 28th September 2022

Tonight’s quiz jackpots are what we call BASIC. That is to say, the minimum. Cos there were jackpots last week, you see.

I always say – I like it when people win because the people who win are happy and it looks good . I’m happy with rollovers too, I imagine it might encourage a bit of excitement the following week.

But all rollovers have to go. And when they go, that’s the cool moment.

So we start from scratch tonight, but maybe it’s enough.

In other news, the prize voucher at Joker & Thief is going up to £25, so that’s cool. A wee bit more bang for your win. x

Hopefully I’ll see you tonight


The Joker & The Thief – 6pm

Jackpot tonight – £30
Cheat answer: Tonight’s Joker quiz MUSIC round includes “MANESKIN” (See video below)
Book at Joker by sending them a message on FB.

The Brass Monkey Shore  – 8.30pm

Try a walk-in or book a table you can easily do so by phoning the pub 0131 554 1979 or you can book online using their online booking system:

Jackpot tonight – £50
Cheat answer: Tonight’s Monkey Shore PICTURE round includes “MARILYN MONROE”  
Book at Shore by sending them a message on FB/Messenger

So I’ll see you tonight.


Dr Paul
Your Quizmaster

Here’s Maneskin who are in the music round at the Joker tonight. On YouTube the video has an “potentially inappropriate” warning at the start but it’s really just some youngsters dressing up (and licking apples with razor blades in)




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