Monday 12th September 2022

Hey. The Queen is dead. Have you heard? Good grief.

Anyway, we are unaffected by the hoo-hah – WE QUIZ:

Tonight’s quizzes:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith Walk

Jackpot – £50

Free answer – One of the answers in the PICTURE round is ISTANBUL 

You don’t need to book, but you CAN secure a table/bar space by doing so. Phone the bar on

0131 554 5286  or get in touch with them on Facebookor book on the Monkey’s online booking system

9pm – Brass Monkey Drummond Street

Jackpot – £100

Free answer  – One of the answers in the MUSIC round is GRACE JONES  (see video below)

Phone the bar on 0131 556 1961 if you need to know anything – or get in touch with them on Facebook 

The 80s, Grace Jones doing Grace Jones things. This is in the music round at the Brass Monkey on Drummond St tonight.




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