Wednesday 8th June 2022

I was handing out the sheets last night at Candy Bar and I was thinking – “blimey these quiz teams get younger and younger”.
Turns out it was a school trip from the Netherlands, about forty of them, spread across four or five tables with another table of teachers lurking nearby.

The bar staff shrugged their shoulders – nothing they could do – head office had taken the booking (!)

Now, it’s kind of hard to do a pub quiz anyway when you’re fourteen, let alone in a second language. So I was worried these kids would fuck up the quiz for everyone else cos they would lose interest and, being teenagers, were pretty noisy. Especially given the fact that the prize is booze which they would not have been allowed to win.

I assume that pub quizzes in Holland are available to all ages and the prizes include hard drugs. I don’t know. It’s a stereotype.

One table of kids did try to take part, but they just wrote down various names from the music round for the same-letter round. That’s not how it works. Zero out of ten. I’ve seen this before from foreign people who probably understand around six per cent of what I’m saying. God at least they tried.

Come along to the Joker tonight. Guaranteed no school trips to the Joker. Or the Shore.

The Joker & The Thief – 6pm

Jackpot tonight – £90
Cheat answer: Tonight’s Joker quiz MUSIC round includes BOBBY DARIN  (See video below)
Book at Joker by sending them a message on FB.

The Brass Monkey Shore  – 8.30pm

The Brass Monkey Shore HAS GOT LOTS OF ROOM. Try a walk-in or book a table you can easily do so by phoning the pub 0131 554 1979 or you can book online using their online booking system:

Jackpot tonight – £100
Cheat answer: Tonight’s Monkey Shore PICTURE round includes EX MACHINA 
Book at Shore by sending them a message on FB/Messenger

Hopefully I’ll see you tonight.


Dr Paul
Your Quizmaster

Nature Boy by Bobby Darin which is in the music round at the Joker tonight. Visuals include Julie Newmar (the woman who used to play Catwoman) writhing around in gold spray. There are no reasons.




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