Monday 6th June 2022

I can’t believe we survived the jubilee. Thank god it’s all over. I hope she lives for a few years yet, I don’t be needing any more royal flush just now. Thanks. So, with tihngs being somewhat back to normal I hope I can see you at the pub tonight. Rock on.

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith Walk

Jackpot – £150

Free answer – One of the answers in the MUSIC round is IRON MAIDEN (see video below)

You don’t need to book, but you CAN secure a table/bar space by doing so. Phone the bar on

0131 554 5286  or get in touch with them on Facebookor book on the Monkey’s online booking system

9pm – Brass Monkey Drummond Street

Jackpot – £50

Free answer  – One of the answers in the PICTURE round is  THE RUNNING MAN 
Phone the bar on 0131 556 1961 if you need to know anything – or get in touch with them on Facebook 

Iron Maiden singing about war. Includes the line “… we oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies.” You can’t argue with that. Plus, it’s in the music round at Brass Monkey Leith tonight




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