Tolkein or Tolkien?

One of the players on the live quiz recently spotted a deadly typo on one of my slides.

And, of course, this is completely wrong. It’s Tolkien not Tolkein.

And this new knowledge upsets the apple cart somewhat because I’ve been spelling the Fantasy Master’s surname incorrectly for years.

Luckily the find-and-replace function was working in my database so I was able to quickly correct 47 separate entries of the man’s name.

So now the slide looks like this and everything is better:

This intense drama was over within 24 hours although the missus said I had a restless night.

I think I was Tolkien in my sleep.

The face JRR Tolkein makes when he hears this joke

Wocca Wocca.

(Or is it Wacka Wacka?)

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