Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

Tonight’s quizzes :

6pm – The Persevere. Jackpot: £30. Cheat: Beijing (pic round)

8pm – Tolbooth Tavern. Jackpot: £30. Cheat: Duran Duran (music round)

Come to the quiz and make Sunday a TOAST for your life.


Now here is the cheat item for tonight’s music round at the Tolbooth Tavern. It’s eighties mega-monsters Duran Duran

Khalid – Talk

Lyrics to the song contain the words “nuclear war” which is just one of the reasons this is so eighties.

Surprised tje video doesn’t include Simon Le Bon finishing a Rubik’s Cube and a guest appearance from Metal Mickey.

All with Jim Bowen giving away a speedboat to some striking miners in the background while someone calls Mike Read and Matt Bianco a bunch of wankers right to their face.

While Jerry and Margo share a Vienetta while watching Tomorrows World fronted by Kieran Prendeville

Seriously kids, the eighties was just one moment of class after another.

Well class entertainment on TV and class war outside the pits. Either way, it was memorable.

See you later.


Dr Paul

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