Sunday 12th Jan 2020

Tonight’s quizzes :

6pm – The Persevere. Jackpot: £60. Cheat: Flo Rida (music round)

8pm – Tolbooth Tavern. Jackpot: £30. Cheat: Ludacris (pic round)

Sunday Night Quizzes In The City

The year is up and running. We can stop referring to the yea being new. We are now week-deep up to our armpits in normality. It feels nice.


Now here are is cheat item for tonight’s music round at the Persevere. It’s your old pal Flo Rida:


Weird song. Flo Rida says he’s fallen “in love” with a woman who is a dancer in a strip club. He advises her in his lyrics that:

  • she will make lots of money dancing in the strip club because she is good-looking,
  • if she goes with him, he’ll give her more money
  • She shouldn’t speak – her body is all he needs to become excited and spendy.

I’m no expert, but this doesn’t sound like “love” to me.

Anyway – I don’t know about strip clubs – I know about pub quizzes and if you want to make it rain, come to the quiz later and win the money.

Real cash! No games!


Dr Paul

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Quizmaster Dr Paul
Quizmaster Dr Paul

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