Winners at O'Connors

Tuesday 12th Nov 2019

Tonight’s Quiz:

9pm – O’Connors. Jackpot: £120. Cheat clue: The Rolling Stones (music round)

OK – the quiz last week was cancelled due to a double-booking at O’Connor’s but I believe Josh is back in action tonight.

So get along to the #1 pub in Canonmills for Josh’s quiz at 9pm –O’Connor’s.

Cheat News

You’ll have heard of Tonight’s music round contains a small clip of an epic opus my seventies rock-lords Deep Purple.

If you like throwing washing machines down staircases or leaping off wardrobes and all that kind of energetic business then it’s likely that you are both of these things:

  • in your twenties
  • a Deep Purple fan

That’s how I remember the experience anyway.

Get serious and listen to this whole track if you have a spare nine minutes.

It’s so heavy and completely live. The singing is outrageous:

Song not really about horses at all

Fun fact, Ian Gillan who is the Deep Purple singer at this point was also the original Jesus on the first iteration of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece: Jesus Christ Superstar.

Before it was a stage show, JCS was a record and Gillan was the actual Son of God on that recording.

Totally appropriate choice.

Anyway, enough about how brilliant the SEVENTIESwere and just remember that it’s now nearly the TWENTIES (approx 50 days to go).

You wouldn’t want to let this decade slip through your fingers without one more pub quiz, so get to O’Connor’s tonight and grtab that cash.


£120 it will feel good, I guarantee it.

Lots of love,

Dr Paul

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