Transmigraiton of the Soul


I don’t just write quizzes, you know. I am also an accomplished poet.

Here’s one I wrote at 5 o clock this morning:


Whether you’re a baby, Chinese or gay,
There something in each of our D.N.A.

The eternal drama
The timeless Jackanory
The endless, fantastic human story

From Cleopatra
To Marvin from ‘The Scheme’
Each one of us has carried
The sapiens dream.

Some of us live,
All of us die
Some raise children
Some eat pies

Warmongers, fishmongers,
models and thieves,
The roles you can find
Are as many as leaves.

But one day we will all die for sure
And the Earth will return to being pure

We’ll all be gone,
All forgotten:
Mary Whitehouse and Johnny Rotten,
Sledging to eternity in a time toboggan.

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