Thirsty Thursday? Get Pished. Win Hard.

Quizzes tonight:

7pm – Argyle Bar (And Cellar) – Jackpot £90. Cheat: Pic round includes Moulin Rouge

9pm – The Newsroom – Jackpot £50. Cheat: Music round includes Embrace (see vid below).

I don’t get “Embrace”. For starters it’s a poor name for a band. If you’re going for seven-letters, if that’s what you really really want then there are loads better things to name your band.

For example:

  1. Genesis
  2. Madness
  3. Man O War
  4. Level 42
  5. Caravan
  6. Cola Boy
  7. The Fall

    AND – all seven of them are better Embrace. So stick it up your arse Embrace. You’re at best the eighth-best seven-letter act in pop.

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