Huge Jackpot Tonight (Brass Monkey Leith)

All right. Helmets on. We’ve hit three hundred.

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith – Jackpot £300. Cheat: Picture round has a Chinstrap Penguin.

9pm – The Safari Lounge – Jackpot £30. Cheat: Music round contains The Flying Lizards. You’ll know the song (see vid below)

Everyone knows the song but I didn’t realise there was a video for it. I love youtube.

Of course, the best thing about youtube is the comments where everyone is mad. Here are just a few comments, just from this video:

I’m shocked to see that the singer is a white lady. I always thought she sounded like an asian woman.
Could be the voice of Melania Trump?
No, Melania has more raspy sound due to all the cum in her throat.
+MrSKIN my Dick could never go near a dudes ass or month dude. that just isn’t the only reason you’re gay trust me. the reason you’re gay is probably because YOU ARE GAY!

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