Bullshit Story From The Pub Turns Out To Be True

I’ve heard a lot of bullshit stories over the years and this one at the Safari had the signs.

  1. Woman was hearty pished.
  2. She looked like she’d stopped talking any kind of sense about twenty years ago.
  3. Story was appended with “it’s true, it really is. Look it up.”
  4. Sounds bonkers.

Anyway – the story was that the Irish Catholic church had MOVED St Patricks Day one year, just to fit in with Easter.

I was thinking “How can you move a fixed feast?” Surely everyone knows St Patrick’s Day is the 17th March and that’s fixed.

But weirdly enough, all these months later and I’ve got round to looking it up… and it IS true.

It happened in 2008


Those wacky bishops!



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