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  1. Hi Dr Paul
    We were at Brass Monkey on Monday and were having a wee debate about the question as to who the Liberal Democratic leader was prior to Nick Clegg . The debate was between Menzies Campbell and Vince Cable . In the end we didn’t put in an answer which was then given as Menzies Campbell .Have since had a wee google so to speak , it was Vince Cable albeit on an interim basis – would that have been accepted . Nae glory involved as I said didn’t risk this one anyway , just curious . Sunny Leither

    1. Hi Sunny Leither – I write 90 per cent of the questions myself and I am aware of the facts on this, so that’s why the question clearly included the caveat: “not including interim leaders” and also stated the years 2006-07 in the question. I took pains to make sure I pointed out these bits because none of my questions are designed to trap or badly mislead. I don’t do “trick questions”.

      I do occasionally make mistakes but this time is not one of them.

      Sorry I didn’t reply till now. Just saw your comment now.



      1. Hi Dr Paul
        Thanks for getting back
        Apologies for not listening properly on the night !Thought it was probably something like that – never doubted you , honestly .
        Sunny Leither

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