Prince Is A Spooky Bastard

When Prince died, just over a year ago, I first heard the news as I turned up for a Thursday quiz at the Argyle Bar.

To my surprise, Prince featured in the picture round that night. Obviously I hadn’t planned it. My quiz scheduling was nothing to do with the death of The Artist.

Prince is Pic 3

Purple Spooks.

Anyway, next thing you know a year has sped by. Prince was never one of my favourites so I hardly ever thought of him or his demies.

But then, exactly one year later (one day out – but still a Thursday) – he turns up again on his death anniversary, again at the Argyle Bar, this time in the music round.

Again, not scheduled deliberately. I’d forgotten all about Prince being dead and I program the music and picture rounds a month ahead anyway.

Pure Purple Heebie Jeebies.

Cool down Prince, ya mad ghost.

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