Iron Balls

Irn BruSomething I learned at the quiz this week is that Irn Bru burns your balls.

This info comes courtesy of scientific research at a city pub I won’t name. The staff there were having a chat about ideal houses.

One chap, we’ll call him “Giles” stated that, from a birds-eye view, his ideal house would look like a massive cock-and-balls.

The two two balls would be swimming pools: one filled with regular swimming pool water, the other with Irn Bru.

“Would that not sting your balls?” someone asked.

Minutes later, three male staff were filming each other dipping their nuts into cups of Irn Bru. Scientific finding: it burns.

The resulting video is called “Three men, three cups” and as far as I know, it has so far NOT been posted online.

NB: Only paper cups were used. You’re not going to get pubes in your teeth at any of the quiz pubs. Also the experiment took place in a non-public area of the bar.

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