How Is It Possible To Have Fun On A Sunday In Edinburgh?

Sunday. Invented by the wizards-of-boredom-and-dread to ruin the weekend-end. But there is a cure. Pub Quiz

The Persevere, 6pm Jackpot £30, Cheat: Chris Spedding (see vid below)

Tolbooth Tavern, 8pm Jackpot £60, Cheat: Chinchilla

The music round clue for the music round at the Percy is ‘Motorbikin” by Chris Spedding which sounded badass and hard-shoulder edge-to-the-max when I was a little kid listening to oldies on Radio 1.

Now it sounds middle-of-the-road, lame and tame, like a fat mechanic having a nap on his lunchbreak while surrounded by Ford Fiestas that he can’t be arsed to fix until tomorrow.

Apparently Chris Spedding didn’t ride a motorbike. It’s just a song, not a lifestyle and belief system.

You can tell this from the badly-acted mean-and-scowly face he does on this clip. It’s unconvincing.

What’s certainly true is that when he wasn’t pulling faux scowls on Top of The Pops he was dressed up as Wellington and playing guitar for the Wombles (who ruled the charts for a while in the 70s).

Far more convincing.

Chris Spedding (left), as Wellington. Convincing?

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