Valentine’s Day = Quiz

Solid Reasons

  1. Taking a girl to a quiz is ROMANTIC
  2. Taking a gut to a quiz is ROMANTIC
  3. Displaying the depth of you facts is ATTRACTIVE
  4. Quiz action has been scientifically correlated as FOREPLAY


  1. If you take your date to the quiz but are rubbish at the quiz then you may not get a “happy ending”

Anyway: TONIGHT look like this:

6pm Persevere

Jackpot: £60 in sexy cash

Cheat: One of the answers in the list round can be Luxembourg

8pm Tolbooth Tavern

Jackpots: There’s £80 in the main pot and £40 in Head-to-Head, so total =  £220

Cheat: One of the picture round answers is Coffee

By the way, here’s something to share with your single friends.

_valnetines day is over



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