Unlucky Table Curse Defeated at Newsroom

Once I pointed out to our largest regular Thursday team that they were sitting at the unlucky table where no winning team had ever sat before, they were on a mission to destroy the curse.

To emphasise the point, they called themselves THE REVENGE OF THE UNLUCKY TABLE, and that’s what panned out.

Newsroom quiz winners
Revenge of The Unlucky Table

It wasn’t TOO difficult to achieve this on a night dominated by politics which seemed to keeping folk off the streets.

However give them their dues – they won in style (11 point margin) and the curse is dead. The wine was theirs and they even had a bit of THREE POUND scratchcard glory.

3 pound scratchcard winner
three pound winner

Unfortunately, the BEAST was too strong and the riddle rolls over. £20 next week. And, by the way, special mention to second place team CAN I GET A BIG HAND FOR JEREMY BEADLE, perhaps the best team name of the week.

A Big Hand for Beadle
A Big Hand for Beadle

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