Thursday 9th May, 2024

I heard a story the other night from a quiz regular who works in the prison service.

It’s about a prisoner who managed to escape in the last few weeks.

Apparently this was done with a key that you can buy on Amazon which unlocks the handcuffs that GeoAmey use. (GeoAmey is the private company who deal with prisoner transport and escorted leave.)

So this prisoner was on escorted leave at a a family funeral and, according to my source, turned round to the officer who he was cuffed to and said something along the lines of “I’m going to f***ing kill you” and then slipped the cuffs, got away, and went on the run. This all happened in the actual funeral service.

However, according to my source, escapees always get caught because they’re not the brightest and what they usually do is go to a girlfriend’s house and hide there thinking “they’ll never catch me here”. The police are aware of this, go to the house, and arrest the runaway.

And all the escaped con gets out of this is an extra four years on top of their sentence.

So if you’re ever considering an escape from prison, the advice is clear: get a decent plan. Work out where you’re going to go BEFORE you escape!

But don’t come to the quiz. No violent criminals at the pub quiz, please. Unless you promise to behave yourself.

Here are tonight’s quizzes:

Brass Monkey Grange 7pm (with me)

Free answer: PICTURE round: “ISAAC NEWTON
Jackpot: £50
Book: Phone 0131 667 2335

The Strathie 7pm (with Eric)

Free answer: PICTURE round: “STAR MAN
Jackpot: £30
Book: 0131 554 8717 or Strathie Facebook.

Fisherrow Tap 7.30pm (with Brigid)

Free answer: MUSIC round: “GARY BARLOW
Jackpot: £30
Book: 0131 259 0399 or Fisherrow Tap Facebook.

The Newsroom 9pm (with me)

Free answer: In the PICTURE round: “A GHOST STORY

Jackpot: £100

Book: 0131 557 5830 or Newsroom online booking

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Tonight at Fisherrow Tap:

This is Gary Barlow, the official plonker of pop. The song appears in the music round tonight at FIsherrow Tap



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