Monday 25th March, 2024

“So the £200 went at the Hot Toddy yesterday. Well done to Seagull, Stag, Magpie and Hedge who won the quiz by a clear five points, much to their surprise and then, to their further surprise, grabbed the £200 on a tiebreaker.

By the way, their team name was is based on the football teams closest to where they come from. Can you guess the teams?

And do you hold a soft spot for the place your grew up, even if you don’t live there any more? Even if you have no real connections there?

I spent some very formative years growing up in West Linton, just down in the Borders and I absolutely love that place even though I haven’t lived there since 1986 and I don’t really have any contact with anyone who still lives there.

It was the river and the football pitch and Manse Wood and the hills and the school and the Upper Green and the Lower Green and the Whipman and the shops and it was always either very sunny or totally snowing. Maybe there was some in between stuff too.

I soak in nostalgia. I look at the West Linton Facebook page and I live for the times that someone posts old pics from the 80s. Maybe I’ll see myself or someone I know. Even if I don’t, I know every inch of the streets. It’s still worth something.

I should probably move on, but I probably won’t.

Anyway, snap back to the reality of 2024: there are a couple of decent jackpots tonight: £100 at both the Amber Rose and the Brass Monkey on Drummond St.

Plus all your usual fun down at Musselburgh and Leith Walk.

See you tonight!

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith Walk (with me)

Jackpot – £50

Free answer – PICTURE round: “DUNLOP

Book: 0131 554 5286  or Facebook or the Monkey’s online booking system

7.30 pm – Fisherrow Tap (with Brigid)

Jackpot – £30

Free answer – MUSIC round: “SUGABABES

Book: 0131 259 0399  or Facebook

8pm – Amber Rose (with Stewart)

Jackpot – £100

Free answer: PICTURE round : “REYKJAVIK

Book:  0131 226 1224 or Facebook

9pm – Brass Monkey Drummond St (with me)

Jackpot – £100

Free answer – PICTURE round: “CARDIFF CITY

Book – Nae bookings – just turn up. For info call the pub on 031 556 1961

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Fisherrow Tap tonight:

This is a proper pop groove. It’s the SUGABABES, and their song ‘Push The Button‘ which is in the music round at the Fisherrow Tap tonight. Out of all the girl band pop sensations over the years, the Sugababes always seem to smack the TUNE button with the greatest frequency. This may need more study. But the number of times it’s happened now where I’m thinking – “this is cool, what is it?” And it turns out to be the Sugababes…



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