Tuesday 30th January 2024

Shout out to all the other people who leave their tax return to the last minute. I’m doing mine today. Thoughts and prayers.

Prayers also for the back room of the Safari Lounge. Bit of a mess last week after storm Isha nicked the roof. Will be getting sorted. Rest of the pub still perfectly open and functional, only the back room was affected. Quiz is on.

Thoughts and prayers also for our naiton’s youth.

I was educated last night about an app all the kids are using called BeReal which I’d never heard of.

On BeReal, you get a notification at a random time of day and, from that moment, you have two minutes to post a pic of yourself and your surroundings. You post yours and then you see all the ones posted by your friends.

MJ from team Bainne Fuctifano was telling me about this after I heard Bar Char expressing frustration about missing the day’s post and I wondered what she was talking about.

It seems the idea is that you don’t have time to fake something up like Instagram so the result is a realness. In other words, lots of pretty boring pictures of people you know sitting in rooms and looking at laptops, cos it turns out that’s what most people actually do.

I sort of get it, but the more I asked about it, the more I struggled to imagine ever installing such a thing.

As for keeping up with trends, I’ve just looked it up on Wikipedia which assures me that the app peaked in 2022 and is on the way out.

There you go, that’s me with my finger right on the pulse.

But then, I’m too busy running high-quality quiz nights to keep up with all that baloney.

Here are tonight’s real-life moments of pain and pleasure:

6.30 pm – Porty Tap (with Isla)

Jackpot – £60

Free answer – MUSIC round: “THE DIXIE CHICKS

Book: 0131 629 6266 or Facebook

8 pm – Waverley Bar (with Bonni)

Jackpot – £60

Free answer – PICTURE round: “HOME & AWAY

Book: 0131 557 9855 or Facebook

9 pm – Safari Lounge (with me)

Jackpot – £60

Free answer: PICTURE round: “TRESURE ISLAND

Book:  0131 661 4741 or Facebook

With quiz and love,

Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Porty Tap tonight:

Here’s a song that’s in tonight’s music round at Porty Tap that could just make you believe in the concept of a justified murder It’s the DIXIE CHICKS and I honestly think it’s one of the greatest songs ever written. Definitely the most upbeat song about domestic abuse, murder and prostitution that I’ve ever heard.

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