Tuesday 1st August 2023

It was nice to be back at the Safari last Tuesday for one week only but Stewart is back tonight and he has £120 up his sleeve, for your pocket.

Did you know that the Safari used to be the Station Bar? Some taxi drivers will still wonder what you’re talking about when you ask for the Safari and then when you say:

“It used to be the Station Bar”

they say

“Ahh! Right!”

And you know there used to be an actual railway Station at that point (observant locals will have noticed the ex-railway line that runs under the bridge beside the Safari. The station closed in 1964 and it’s a shame it’s not still there. It would be cool to get the train to the Safari.

Who knows? Maybe one day.

Details for tonight:

Portobello Tap 6.30 pm (with Isla)

Tonight’s jackpot: £30
Free answer: One of the PICTURE ROUND answers is “SCILLY ISLES” 

Safari Lounge 9pm (with me covering for Stewart)

Tonight’s jackpot: £120
Free answer: One of the MUSIC ROUND answers is  “BROOKLYN BOUNCE” (See video below)

We’ll see you later. 


Dr Paul

Music Round Clue for Safari:

This song is classic late-90s rave-house-techno-whatever-core. It’s by BROOKLYN BOUNCE and it’s in the music round at Safari tonight. Make you move ya ass.



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