Friday 3rd April 2020 – 7pm – Live Quiz on Facebook

Dr Paul Quiz. Live from Edinburgh, Scotland
Link: Facebook is spectacularly unclear on this but I tihnk you’ll find the stream if you go to

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7pm tonight


No Sponsor tonight. But if you want to promote your business to the Dr Paul Quiz audience and you have a nice prize to give away – then please get in touch.


Get your team together via Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Zoom, Discord, etc and and answer the questions as I ask.

Write your answers down and I’ll give you the answers after every round.
You do your own marking.
If you need adjudication or you’re not sure about anything – ask me in the chat. I’m LIVE!

Stay tuned to the end – I’ll give you a link to upload your team’s score.
Shortly after that I’ll publish the scoreboard on my website, Facebook, twitter, etc, so you can see how you fared against other teams.

Trivia fun for all.


I present the quiz free for anyone or any team that wishes to take part but if you think the entertainment was worth it, then you can pay what you think that was worth by clicking the donate link:


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  1. “At a time where basic food staples are a luxury to these children, we hope a little chocolate will be a pleasant surprise for them.” Dan Holmes from Knaresborough Exotic Rescue shaved off his 10-inch beard live on Facebook in an appeal for donations to keep his exotic rescue centre open.

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