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Free The Paedos

There was a team at The Safari Lounge on Monday called “FREE THE PAEDOS”.

I was moderately outraged, but asked them what they meant, what this team name was all about.

They said “It’s a Peep Show reference”.

Thing is, I don’t watch Peep Show, or indeed any telly at all – I’m too busy for that shit.

Also, if you look at the viewing figures, nobody really watches Peep Show either.

It’s one of those critically-acclaimed things that hardly anyone watches.

Result: If you call yourself something like “Free The Paedos“, there’s a chance that some of the other people in the pub will think that you are being far more nasty than you really are.

Moral: if you’re going to do references, either make them widely understood or make them not about supporting sex criminals.

Meanwhile, I looked up the reference. It’s more or less amusing:


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