Contestant Call for Perfection (BBC 2)

Perfection is back on air later this year and is auditioning for new contestants during June and July. All the answers are true/false so you should be good at it if you’ve been coming to my quiz for a while.

Jane from the production team says “The winning money is much like ‘Eggheads’ –  £1000 per game, and the money is rolled over if nobody wins.  Each episode contains 2 games so the jackpot can increase quite quickly.  As far as I know (and the production team know) the most that has been won is £8000 or £9000 – I don’t have a specific figure though.  The show usually airs at 4.15pm on BBC 2 – weekdays.”

What to do? Email them or give them a bell on the dick a dum bone: 0800 032 0151

Read more about the show on UK Gameshows


All applicants must be aged 18 years or over and be legally resident and currently living in the UK
The closing date for requesting application forms by phone is Friday 1st July 2011
The closing date for returning application forms is Friday 8th July 2011
Applications received after this date may not be considered.
Applications are subject to the terms and conditions in the application form.


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2 thoughts on “Contestant Call for Perfection (BBC 2)

    1. All you have to is apply Andrew. I put out regular contestant calls when I get them from TV companies and they’re always looking for people. My audition for PErfection was on Saturday just gone and now I’m watiing to hear. Some you get on some you don’t so its a numbers game and you just have to apply.

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