My Birthday Quiz

It was my birthday on Monday and that didn’t really kick in until the Reverie.

I got 4 cards (2 points awarded for each card apart from the shitty knocked-together one by the Canadians which got  1 point) but Neil trumped the situation by bringing out a cake and a big card just after round 4. Candles, everything.

This was worth 10 points but still wasn’t enough to win the quiz cos Neil’s team was pretty much derailed by some pissed bird trying to jump his bones.

Meanwhile, the victory went to GOOGLE EYED who defintiely answered most questions correctly but only pipped E=MC HAMMERED by a couple of points after another controversial bonus round.

Again, no one was able to handle 5 true or false questions to win the jackpot and so we have an £80 rollover next week. See you there.




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