Laws Of Dance Changed Forever

SOLID STATE feat. dance-god Jake (right)
SOLID STATE feat. dance-god Jake (right)

The Reverie quiz last night ended up with the kind of revolution that only happens once per generation – a new dance was born in the white heat of the dance off and it already has a name.

It started when the quiz finished up with a draw between EASY DRAW (last week’s winners) and the SOLID STATE CREW (Scientists on the Christmas piss).

The Reverie crowd demanded a dance off and they got one, in style. Jack from SOLID STATE was the star as he used his knowledge of physics and chemistry to create something NEVER SEEN IN DANCE BEFORE.

It went like this:

  1. JUMP up and down while flapping both arms like a novelty plastic Chinese cat
  2. RUN out of pub’s doors, on to the street,
  3. AMAZE passers-by.
  4. BURST back through the doors
  5. EXECUTE a commando roll, and…
  6. RESUME move number 1.

No one has any idea what Tom did during the dance off because everyone was watching Jack. Tom was gracious in defeat – he knew he was beat; while Jack was lifted shoulder-high and was carried around the streets of Newington like a new God by the delirious crowd who knew they had paid witness to something special.

Back at the boozer, I asked Jack what he called his awesome and new style of dancing. What is the name of this phenomenon?

“The Tremor,”

he replied.

Jack carried on to total quiz victory, making a mockery of the bouncy-egg challenge and nailing the difficult mystery voice. Would you have known this?

Mystery Voice No.2

(Apparently one team knew because they have a lesbian flatmate. It’s funny how that sometimes pays off.)

Anyway – the good news is that I have been emailed some badly-shot, wrong-way-round far-too-dark footage of this legendary dance off. I’ll see if I can clean it up and post it here later.

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