Dusty’s Dodgy Dealing Does No Good!

jha_7dec_dusty_winnerDusty, a longtime critic of the quiz at Jenny Ha’s treated us all to one of those rare ocassions when he deigns to do the quiz.

Of course, this resulted in a thrilling 2-point victory and it was a bottle of El Cumbanchero (or whatever its called) in the bag.

Dusty could have gone all the way and got the cash but insisited on counting the cards in the DUMB LUCK CHALLENGE which unfortunatley had the effect of making him forget what he was supposed to do with the cards in the first place.

jha_7dec_bucksquiz_winnerThis opened the door for Bucks Quiz who sent forward Lawrence to answer a question on Rabbits. He answered correctly for £40.

Would YOU have got this?

Which English county was the setting for Watership Down?

  1. West Sussex
  2. Hampshire
  3. Shropshire
  4. Northumberland

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