Team Unhhh win the last Brass Monkey Leith quiz of 2019

Sunday 19th Jan 2020

Tonight’s quizzes :

6pm – The Persevere. Jackpot: £90. Cheat: Mata Hari (pic round)

8pm – Tolbooth Tavern. Jackpot: £60. Cheat: No Doubt (music round)

Come to the quiz tonight and prevent your own financial disaster by winning the money. Ninety quid at the Percy, by the way!


Now here is the cheat item for tonight’s music round at the Tolbooth . It’s veteran Californians No Doubt:


The singer is, of course, Gwen Stefani. No Doubt is her band and I was about to write something about how she left them to go solo but, upon looking up the mighty Wikipedia, I see that No Doubt never split up with Stefani – they have had a few hiatuses.

So Gwen Stefani managed to have a solo career and a band career which is great skills, I’m struggling to think of others who have successfully done the same…?

Anyway – Sunday is unstoppable. If you want to get out of the end of it and actually feel like something happened, then I recommend the quiz.

Real cash! No games!

See you later.


Dr Paul

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Quizmaster Dr Paul
Quizmaster Dr Paul



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