Monday 25th April, 2016

Quizzes tonight offer you the chance to break out of your shell, like a gay tortoise coming out for the first time and heading straight to a hot disco in 1978 Manhattan.

Brass Monkey Leith, 7pm

Jackpot: After the £200 bange last Monday we are back to £50. Hey!

Cheat: One of the music round answers tonight is OMI. Video at the bottom of this post. I had pure never heard of the cunt but he’s got half a billion views on youtube just for this song and apparently it was number one in just about every country. Hey-ho, what the fuck do I know?

Safari Lounge, 9pm

Jackpot: Tonight’s jackpot is £60

Cheat: One of tonight’s answers is a JAGUAR. Raaar.

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