Three Word Fringe Show

When promoting a Fringe Show, you don’t get much time. The average Edinburgh person encounters 23,000 posters per week during the Fringe and reads 9,000 show listings.*

You get an average of three words to sell your act before your potential punter loses interest.

So, with this in mind I’ve been challenging quiz teams to come up with #threewordfringeshows.

Here are some that I managed to avoid throwing in the bin…

  • Chas Unt Dave
  • Adventures In Menstruating
  • Blancmange Succulent Spatchcocks
  • Snark Swallows Beaver
  • Horse Shit Gallery
  • The Sewel Motion
  • Dwarf In Matchbox
  • Cats With Guns
  • Bare Naked Neighbours
  • ISIS Does Cats
  • Gies A Shag
  • Nipples Like Coatpegs
  • Oxford University Revue
  • Corbyn Eats Babies
  • Deep Throats Everything
  • Animal Hospital Revisited
  • Kick Cameron’s Crotch
  • Reginald D Hunter
  • Stroke My Beard
  • Naked Gummybear Fun
  • Watch This Fucker

How much would you pay to see any of those?

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