Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Tonight’s Quiz:

There’s only one place to be tonight:

8pm – Basils. Jackpot: £120. Cheat clue: Ottawan (music round)

Last time the jackpot reached £120 we had a winner. Will it happen again tonight? Will it be you?

Get yourself down to the Annfield promenade at Newhaven, breathe the sea air and get a nice snack and a nice cocktail. Or just a pint.

Play it your way.

Basils is at Annfield and it is proper nice. Come and have a look.

Cheat News

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Tonight’s music round includes this beat-tastic shug-a-lug boom-banger from your favourite sixties Spanish band, Los Bravos:

Madrid’s finest, 1965.

What a tune.

This was, apparently, the first hit by a Spanish band to go international.

Fans of stereotypes will be delighted to learn that the names of the individuals in the band were Manuel, Miguel, Tony, and Pablo.


Come and relive the fun of the 1960s tonight. In fact, imagine it was 1965 and you won £120. That would make you a millionaire.

Well, not quite.

According to the Bank of England inflation calculator, Winning £120 in 1965 would be like winning over two grand now.

According to the Bank of England

So if you can just invent Time Travel, you’ll be sorted.

Meanwhile – even £120 is handy and is certainly enough to make winners happy. Be that person, tonight!


Winners at Basils pub quiz
Winners at Basils


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