Monday 19th August 2019

Pub Quizzes in Edinburgh Tonight:

7pm – Brass Monkey Leith. Jackpot: £150. Cheat: Farley Jackmaster Funk (music round)

7pm – Portobello Tap. Jackpot: £60. Cheat: Neiked (music round)

9pm – Argyle Bar Jackpot £90. Cheat news: Paris Hilton (pic round)

9pm – Safari Lounge. Jackpot £120. Cheat news: Liverpool (pic round)

New Quizzes

Monday is still getting used to two new quizzes, both presented by by Kerry and her fast cab between the two: The Portobello Tap at 7pm (in Portobello – bet you guessed) and The Argyle Bar at 9pm (in Marchmont).

Both quizzes are rollovers tonight and both take a wee while to get up and and running, so take advantage of a lower turnout and a decent pot – get along tonight.


Here are the music round cheats for tonight

The first is for the Brass Leith:

The shiniest green shirt in the whole of docklands

Now THAT is how to wear a shiny green shirt in an abandoned dockside for a solo funk house workout in the eighties.

Farley Jackmaster Funk was the musician and got the big credit on the record label but a huge part ofthe record’s success was to do with the singer who was the extremely fierce Darryl Pandy.

Sadly, Pandy is no longer with us but his Top Of The Pops appearance was vital stuff back in the day and there’s a good article here which recalls the impact he made.

Meanwhile, another music round cheat for the Portobello Tap, a more recent hit

This appears to be one of those songs that no one anticipated being a hit, so there’s no proper video.

Best we have here are some students doing fashion walks.

It’ll do – you can hear the tune and that’s what’s important.

Just like the other video, it’s the music man who gets the big credit. Neiked is the stage name of a Swedish bloke called Victor, whereas the vocal is by Dyo, who is an English singer. I think in this case, the song is nothing without the vocal. It reached number 5 on the UK chart.

Anyway – great jackpots tonight and with the festival still in full swing – you’re better avoiding the town so we’ll see you at the quizzes.

Happy days.

See ya later – x

Dr P

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Beer Garden at the Portobello Tap
Beers at the Portobello Tap

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