Tuesday 18th July 2023

It’s anniversary week at the Safari Lounge.

They’ve been bashing out the beer, chat, cocktails and wild food for ten years. I believe there are special offers in place and general merriment abounding. Don’t miss the Safari Quiz tonight!

And of course, you also have Isla at the Porty Tap if that’s as far west as you go. If you’re one of those Beach people who live out there.

Hopefully neither quizmaster tonight will commit the crime of the century as perpetrated by me last night at the Brass Monkey Leith when I asked a question about sci-fi and read “Star Wars” instead of “Star Trek”.

Usually I say “they’re all the same” to gently win-up the geeks. I love the simmering fury it produces. But last night was a genuine mistake. Sorry geeks!

Details for tonight:

Portobello Tap 6.30 pm (with Isla)

Tonight’s jackpot: £30
Free answer: One of the MUSIC ROUND answers is “VANCE JOY” (See video below)

Safari Lounge 9pm (with Stewart)

Tonight’s jackpot: £60
Free answer: One of the PICTURE ROUND answers is  “OTHELLO” 

We’ll see you later. 


Dr Paul

Music Round Clue Toinght (Porty Tap)

This song by VANCE JOY and it’s in the music round at Porty Tap tonight. One of those middle-class ukulele blokes with a checky shirt. Whiney voice. Kind of thing that makes me wish I was listening to Coldplay. I’m not a fan. Good luck to him, though, of course.


Mystery Voice quiz from the old online quiz




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