Wednesday 20th August 2022

OK – we’ve had a 10 degree discount on the temperature which means Wednesday is the nicest day of the week so far. Celebrate, get out, find a new life, come to the pub.

Monday and last night were proper melty. I think it might have affected the sound system at Candy Bar – hopefully they’ll have it sorted for next week. 

Anyway – no sound problems tonight at these sound locations:

The Joker & The Thief – 6pm

Jackpot tonight – £60
Cheat answer: Tonight’s Joker quiz MUSIC round includes MIDGE URE (See video below)
Book at Joker by sending them a message on FB.

The Brass Monkey Shore  – 8.30pm

The Brass Monkey Shore HAS GOT LOTS OF ROOM. Try a walk-in or book a table you can easily do so by phoning the pub 0131 554 1979 or you can book online using their online booking system:

Jackpot tonight – £50
Cheat answer: Tonight’s Monkey Shore PICTURE round includes CHARLTON HESTON 
Book at Shore by sending them a message on FB/Messenger

Hopefully I’ll see you tonight.


Dr Paul
Your Quizmaster

Pure 1985. The Ure. In the music round at the Joker tonight

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