Thursday 5th May 2005

I’m in Forth ward so I do not have any independent candidates to vote for today, which is a shame. I don’t think national political parties best serve local decision-making. Have you seen the leaflets? All the ones we’ve had are dire. Basically: “We’re not the other mob”. Poor show.

Anyway, if you’re lucky enough to live in Leith ward, you can vote for Any Mackenzie. I can vouch for him. Drinks in the Monkey. Good guy.
Non-party political and I think the council would benefit from some independent voices.

Apparently there are five or six independents standing across the city. Check your local list!

Strathie 7pm

Jackpot: £90

You can’t book at The Strathie just turn up. It’s like the good old days! For any pub info, you can call The Strathie on 0131 554 8717 . 

Free answer: One of the answers tonight in the MUSIC round at the Strathie is “OUTKAST”  – (see video below)

Newsroom 9pm

Jackpot: £50

If you’re not booked you can walk-in. To book, call the Newsroom on 0131 557 5830 or use their online booking

Free answer: One of the answers tonight in the MUSIC round at the Newsroom is “KURT COBAIN

This song by Outkast is in the music round at the Strathie tonight. As one of the comments on youtube observes, this was: “… one of those rare songs that broke the genre barrier. It didn’t matter if you were a rocker, country fan, rap fan, etc. Everyone liked this song.”. True.

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